Colorado Life Coach: Waiting For…

IMG_1961Do you ever wait to do things until something else happens?

I find myself waiting to write a blog until I feel better, or until I have something more positive to say.

Sometimes I wait a long time.

I’ve been in that place for awhile now. It’s not that everything is horrible, it’s not. There are just several things I’ve been working on, and waiting for, and they’re not where I want them to be yet. So I wait.

How about you?

~Do you ever stay quiet waiting for something good to happen?

~Do you stop posting on Facebook because you don’t have anything good to say?

~Are you jealous of other people’s “happy families?”

~Do others seem to have it easier than you?

~Do you wonder why life is so hard?

~Is it difficult to move on when things are unfinished?

Me too!

Maybe this is “normal,” whatever that is!

I just know I’d rather write about positive things. I’d rather sound like I know what I’m doing, and have something brilliant to offer to others. I’d rather look like I’ve “arrived” through the tough circumstances. I’d rather feel like the expert who knows how to help others get through their tough spots. I’d rather not suffer anymore.

Sometimes I get discouraged by people who seem to have life figured out. Do you know who I’m talking about? They’re the one’s who encourage us to “take life by the horns,” “Pull yourself up by your bootstraps,” “When the going gets tough, the tough get going,” “Nothing’s going to stop me now” people.

When things are going along smoothly, I can get that way. I want to encourage others to not give up, that I’ve been there and they can do it too.

Other times, I’m down in the muck, like most other people.

It’s not too encouraging. But it’s real.

I’d rather be real, than a great example who’s faking it.

This post written by Colorado Life Coach, Carrie O’Toole, M.A.

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