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Three families adopted children from the same room, in the same orphanage in Vietnam, using the same adoption agency. None of these children remain in their homes. What happened? Stay tuned for Forfeiting Sanity, A Documentary. Summer 2015.

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  • Forfeiting Sanity is the story of three families who adopted children using the same adoption agency, through the same Vietnamese orphanage, in the same room. All three children came to live in Colorado. Describing very similar struggles with Reactive Attachment Disorder, and behavior stemming from their children's traumatic early years, the three families share their difficult, decade-long journeys through parenting, and the horrendous struggle about what to do to help their children heal, while holding their families together.
  • Carrie O'Toole experienced the pain and suffering of infertility, miscarriage, and an international adoption that went painfully awry. Nothing could have prepared her for the decade-long journey of trying to love her little boy, who struggled to trust and connect after leaving the only home he'd ever known, a Vietnamese orphanage. Although this situation may be unique to Carrie, everyone can relate to the pain of love and loss, heartbreak and grief, trying to make life work when every effort fails. Relinquished: When Love Means Letting Go will take you through the emotional journey and struggle to find answers to the question many people face at some point what if my love is not enough? What if the only way for healing to occur is for me to let go?


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